Points System for Speeding Ticket New Jersey

In New Jersey, if you break any traffic rules or park your car in no parking areas. Then NJ traffic police will be caught you, and they will give you a traffic ticket. Speeding tickets are one of the traffic tickets in NJ. Whenever you receive a speeding ticket, some points also will be added to your driving license. This article is all about the points system for speeding tickets in NJ. A collection of many points may cause suspension of your driving license. New Jersey

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Speeding ticket violations highly impact your license and insurance. If you have doubt that a speeding ticket is wrongly imposed on you, then you can appeal in NJ court. You can also hire a lawyer for fighting your case in court. as being focused around “helping manufacturers transition into the digital space, but with a human-centric approach.” This includes developing training and education programs, as well as facilitating networking events for members of the New Jersey manufacturing community. The organization is headquartered in Union, New Jersey, and also has offices in Newark, New Jersey, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Speeding Ticket Points and Penalties in New Jersey

When you are caught with a speeding violation, then some points will add to your driving license. You can pay your speeding ticket fines at NJMCDirect official website. Following is the list of NJ speeding points and fines:

Speed Over LimitPoints Fines
1-9 mph2$85
10-14 mph2$95
15-19 mph4$105
20-24 mph4$200
25-29 mph4$220
30-34 mph5$240
35-39 mph5$269

High points on your license cause the suspension of your license. Speeding ticket violations also appears in your driving record in NJ. The auto insurers will notice your offense, and it will impact your insurance rate. A speeding ticket will raise an insurance rate up to 15%.

How much does a Speeding Ticket Cost in NJ?

Following are the cost and fines which you have to pay if you get a speeding ticket:

  • Fines: The cost of a speeding ticket depends on the speed of the driver. It will cost between $85 to $260. If you cross the 1-9 mph speed limit, then it will cost you $85, for 10-14 mph $95, for 15-19 mph $105, for 20-24 mph $200, for 25-29 mph $220, for 30-34 mph $240, and 35-39 mph $260. The fine will be double if the driver goes over the 65 mph speed limit.
  • Court costs for revision ticket: The drivers who appeal to revise their speeding ticket in court, have to pay court costs. You have to pay a $34 fee to the njmcdirect court.
  • Surcharges: When six or more points worth of speeding tickets is added to your license driving license in three years, you have to pay a surcharge in NJ. The surcharge is an extra fee combined with your speeding tickets. You have to pay a $150 fine for the next three years, and $25 extra for each point over six.
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