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Go to the website of NJMCDirect and get yourself out of the troublesome loop o ticket or fine payment today! With www.NJMCDirect.com  you can now easily get your prefix code and allow it to help you swim through the gigantic task of fine payment in one go. It is very widely used because of its efficient work as it helps you avoid visiting the court for such a simple issue. Save a great amount of time and effort by avoiding travel time and staying at home and making the payment easier than ever before. Using this quick and effective payment portal is quite helpful you can access it from anywhere and everywhere as compared to the manual payment of fines you may have to do by going to the court again and again. You can now completely ignore going to the commission’s office for it and spend hours over there and go online instead!

NJM online

What is NJMCDirect, and how is it beneficial to you?

NJMCDirect is an online portal wherein users can complete their traffic violation fee payment smoothly. This portal can be accessed from anywhere and using any device. So, whether you are at work and want to pay off your fine using your mobile phone quickly, or you are on your PC and want to pay off the fine from the comfort of your home, you can do so easily. NJMCDirect offers users several benefits when they pay their traffic violation fine online. A few of the benefits are listed below:

  • Convenience: NJMCDirect provides convenience to its users. When you pay your traffic violation fine online, you can be done with the process in a few minutes. However, if you were to pay the fine manually by going to the court office, it could take you an entire day! When it comes to paying a small fine, nobody wants to wait around in long queues or have to go through several bureaucratic procedures. NJMCDirect offers its users convenience because all that users have to do is visit the portal and use an online payment method to finish off paying their fine. While there is a small transaction fee, compared to the time, effort, and money it would take for a person to go to the courthouse and pay the fee manually, the transaction fee is quite minimal.
  • Secure: Many may be apprehensive about using an online portal to pay off their fines. After all, there are several crooks out there who have malicious intent. With the NJMCDirect portal, you can ease your worries. NJMCDirect has a safe and secure payment gateway that uses a robust encryption method to ensure that no one can access your confidential information. Hence, you can complete your payment without any worries at all. It is safe, secure, and quick.
  • Fast: NJMCDirect portal is the quickest way for you to pay your traffic violation fine. It is quick, easy, and smooth. All you will need is a few documents that will be used to fill in the details of your traffic violation fine, use a secure online payment method, and you are good to go. There is no need for you to wait in line, or for you to travel far to get to the courthouse.

NJMCDirect Ticket Payment Portal

NJMCDirect: How many times have you accidentally broken the traffic law and have had to deposit the penalty for it? Usually, you would need to go to court to pay the fine for the ticket, but now you can use the NJMC Direct service to pay the fine online. The NJMC Direct is a portal for payment of tickets online and it gives you the prefix code for the NJ tickets saving you all the trouble of looking for one. For avoiding standing in queues for paying your NJ tickets you can use the NJMC Direct online payment portal.

Traffic ticket for NJMCDIRect

The NJMC Direct portal can be accessed through the website www.NJMCDirect.com. The payment of the fines can be made with the help of a prefix code provided on the website. You can save time using the portal by not having to the court. The portal allows you to access it from anywhere at any time. Compared to manual payment at the court, the portal allows you the ease of access and the comfort of making the payments while sitting at your house. The safety of your transaction is assured and secured. The time wasted on finding out the location and working hours of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission can be saved if you use the portal. For those people who hate long queues or don’t have adequate time for that, the portal is a boon. To know more about NJMC Direct keep reading the below sections.

What are the NJMCDirect things you will need

Before you begin using the NJMCDirect pay online payment portal, you will need a number of things. These requirements are highly necessary if you want to receive the New Jersey prefix code from the NJMCDirect pay ticket service. Let us take a look at the things you will need to pay the fine through the NJMCDirect pay ticket at the New Jersey Meadowlands Commissions Direct. 

  • Traffic Ticket- the most important thing you will need in your hand when you pay for the ticket is the traffic ticket. It is proof that you are being fined for whichever violation and it also may have a token amount mentioned that has to be paid. Whenever a violation is made, the respective locality’s officer will provide you with a ticket and you have to make sure this ticket is legal and valid. This ticket is important because it has a ticket number and a court ID printed on it along with the type of violation for which you are being fined.
  • License Plate number- the second important thing is your license plate number. This number will be printed on your driver’s license under the vehicle’s information section. 
  • Credit Card- as the NJMCDirect Ticket pay is an online portal; it is generally completed via the online mode only. In order to complete the payment, you have to provide the website with the credit card number you wish to use for making the fine payment. You can also make use of a debit card by Master card or Visa whichever may be comfortable for you.
  • Hours of Operation- although the website will always be available for you when you want to get some knowledge and information about the website and its work, it is important that you know about the operation hours of NJMCDirect. It is not available with its service for 24 hours. Since they cannot be accessed at any time, you should know the timings that they follow. Their working hours are as follows- from Monday to Thursday, the working hours are from 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM. On Fridays, the timing is from 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM. On Saturdays, the time is from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM. And finally, on Sundays, the timing is from 1:00 PM to 11:45 PM.
  •  The last but not least important requirement is a mobile phone, computer, or laptop with uninterrupted internet access. 

While making the payment or when you get a ticket on the road, you must always make sure that you complete the fine payment before the due date. Keep yourself informed about the time of work they have and complete your payment on time to stay out of future trouble with extra costs.

Paying Traffic Fines online is now easier through the NJMCDirect website

Violation of traffic rules is a common phenomenon. A lot of us might have violated a traffic rule unknowingly and ended up getting caught in the hands of the traffic police. In fact, a lot of us may also be familiar with the excruciating process of paying hefty fines in courts and giving long explanations for the violation of traffic rules. Well, a website named NJMCDirect has come to our rescue which facilitates online payments of fines and saves a lot of time. NJMCDirect is an online website that can be accessed from anywhere in the world on the Internet. The authentic URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website is www.NJMCDirect.com. The online website has a simple and straightforward mechanism to pay the fines and avoid visiting the courts. 

NJMCDirect Tkcket

The NJMCDirect website provides you with a Prefix Code which can be used to pay the fines. With the help of this website, you will no longer need to visit the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission and wait in long queues. The process of paying the fines on the NJMCDirect website is safe and easy. It has a simple user interface and the payments can be processed quickly without any delay. This saves a lot of your valuable time and you can pay your fines from the comfort of your home.

The NJMCDirect website has the following two key benefits: 
  1. Quick and Efficient: The payment of fines is quick and time-saving. 
  2. Safe and Secure: Your personal and private information is kept secret. The New Jersey Court Employees are the only ones to possess and access your confidential information. 

Payment of fines through NJMCDirect website: How and what do you need?

In order to pay your fines through the NJMCDirect portal, you will need an NJ Ticket Prefix Code and the below-mentioned things in place.

  1. Traffic Ticket: It is basically a ticket with certain details mentioned on it whenever you violate a traffic rule. A traffic police officer will hand over this ticket which has the Court ID and the Ticket ID mentioned on it. The nature of the violation of traffic rules will also be mentioned on the ticket. It is therefore important for you to have this ticket for payment of fines on the NJMCDirect website. The Traffic Ticket should be legal.
  2. License Plate Number:  A License Plate number can be easily found on the Driving License ID Proof. It can be generally found under the vehicle information section.
  3. Payment Mode: NJMCDirect is an online website; you will therefore have to process your fines through online transactions. In order to pay your fines, you will require valid and legal credit or debit cards. You can avail of the services of VISA, Ru Pay, and MasterCard as well for the payment of fines.
  4. Working hours of the Website: NJMCDirect is not a 24×7 website. It has fixed working hours as per the rules and policy of the website. You must therefore check the working hours of the website before initiating your payments. The working hours of the NJMCDirect website on various days of the week are mentioned below. 

Njmcdirect time hour

  • Internet Connectivity: Good and safe internet connectivity is recommended for the payment of fines. Do not pay your fines through open WiFi networks to avoid hacking your card details. A safe, secure, and fast internet connectivity is recommended for safe and quick online transactions. 

It is always recommended to check the due date of the payment of the fines. A payment made past the due date may incur additional charges. Hence, make sure to keep a tab on the schedule of your payments to be made on the NJMCDirect website.

Accessing the NJMCDirect Payment Portal: 

NJMCDirect website is simple and easy to use. You can easily access the website through your laptop or mobile device. The below-mentioned points will help you to understand the website in a better way. 

  1. Visit the website at www.NJMCDirect.com through a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. 
  2. Once the website is fully loaded, you will find an option to pay your fines. The payment of fines can be done through the ‘Time Payment Order’ or ‘Traffic Ticket Search’ sections.
  3. Click on the correct option to start with the payment of your fines.
  4. Once the relevant section is completely loaded on the website, you will have the option to enter your Ticket Number. Make sure to enter the License Plate Number and the Court ID as well in the fields provided. A Ticket Prefix is the most important part of the payment process on the NJMCDirect website. You must enter the Ticket Prefix correctly as mentioned on the Traffic Ticket. Once you fill in all the required fields, you can proceed further by clicking on the continue button. 
  5. Once you click on the continue button, you will be able to see two options: View NJMCDirect Ticket and NJMCDirect Ticket Payment. If you wish to review your details, you can click on the View NJMCDirect Ticket option. Otherwise, you can proceed with the payment of your fines through the NJMCDirect Ticket Payment option. 
  6. At last, you can pay your fines by entering your credit or debit card details and completing the online transaction for your fines.

The NJMCDirect website has the feature to view your online transactions made on the website. The website holds the records of the transactions for a period of 3 months (90 days). In case you face any technical issues on the website, a dedicated customer service team can help you with the payment process.

NJMCDirect Ticket7:30 AMt Portal

Accidents can happen, but no matter how small, when you accidentally violate a traffic rule, it can have dire consequences, especially in the form of hefty traffic fines. Paying a traffic violation fine is a cumbersome affair, not only because it can be quite expensive, but because you would need to go to court to pay the fees. Hence, you would need to take some time out of your busy schedule only to pay a traffic fee. Thankfully, with NJMCDirect, you can pay your traffic fee online. Now, you do not have to waste an entire day paying your traffic fee.

What will you need?

To securely complete your traffic violation fine payment online through NJMCDirect, you will need a few documents with you. So, before you start the process, make sure that you have these documents handy:

  • Traffic Ticket: It is crucial that you have your traffic ticket when you are accessing the portal. The ticket is given to you when you violate any traffic rule, and it has a few essential details on it, such as the nature of the violation, courthouse number, and a traffic ticket number. Without this vital document, you will not be able to complete your payment
  • License Number: The license Number can be found on your driving license, or it can be found under your Vehicle Information documents.
  • Credit or Debit card: When you use NJMCDirect, you need to use an online payment method. You can either use a debit card or a credit card to finish paying off your traffic violation fine securely.
  • NJMCDirect Working Hours: While this is an online portal, NJMCDirect does not operate 24 hours. Hence, in order to finish paying your fee within the stipulated time frame, you will need to be aware of the portal timings. For your convenience, they are listed as follows: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM-11:45 PM, Friday: 7:30 AM-10:45 PM, Saturday: 7:30 AM-3:45 PM, and Sunday: 1 PM – 11:45 PM.
  • Mobile or PC: Finally, you will need any device which has access to the internet and can be used to visit the online portal.
How to access the website?

Once you have made up your mind about the online payment method through NJMCDirect ticket pay, you will need to know how you can access the website. Take a look at the following steps using which you can easily get quick access to the NJMCDirect website. 

How can you complete the payment?

Now that you know all of the documents that you need to keep handy, here is how you can finish paying off your traffic fine:

  • Visit the website for NJMCDirect
  • On visiting the site, you will find an option that says “Traffic Ticket Search” or “Time Payment Order.”
  • There you need to enter the Court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number, and License Plate Number in the required fields.
  • On clicking the option, you will be required to fill in a few details such as your license plate number, the traffic ticket prefix, the traffic ticket number as well as the court ID present on the ticket.
  • Once you have filled in the required details, click on the continue button, and you will be led to another portal where you will have the option to either: View the NJMCDirect ticket or Process the NJMCDirect Ticket Payment.
  • To simply view your ticket, select the first option, and once you have checked all the details, click on the second option to pay your fine.
  • To complete the payment, you will need to have your credit or debit card with you.

The details of your transaction, such as the transaction ID amount paid and the date of payment, will be present on the NJMCDirect portal for a period of 90 days so that you can download it and keep it as proof of payment in case of any dispute. If you cannot view your transaction details after payment, you can get in touch with the customer support team for NJMCDirect, who will be more than happy to help you out.

How to search NJ Courts’ Case

In this day and age, it is quite common to coincidentally break a traffic signal or over speed without giving it much thought and you will in both cases be given a ticket by the administration for it. Despite the fact that it was a mistake, you should pay the fine. The most widely recognized approach to paying the fine is to go to court and pay it physically. But now with the NJMC Direct portal, you can pay the ticket by sitting on the lounge chair at your home. The gateway will give you access to the NJ ticket prefix code that can be utilized to pay the amount of the fine. The best news is that you don’t need to remain in long lines any longer for the payment of the fine as you can log in on the NJMC Direct portal and pay it. 


The NJMC Direct is a payment gateway that gives you the simplicity of making the web payment for fines. You can get to the NJMC Direct portal through its site that is www.NJMCDirect.com. For the payment of the fine, you need to utilize a prefix code that will be given on the gateway. The typical visit to the court can be dodged by utilizing this mode of payment. This spares a great deal of your time as by the snap of a couple of clicks your fine can be cleared. The transactions made utilizing this entryway are incredibly protected and secure while being accessible to utilize. For residents who loathe remaining in long lines and searching for addresses, this is an astonishing option as it doesn’t expect you to search for the working hours and the location of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. You can discover more data about the entry underneath. 

What do you have to get to the gateway? 

To utilize the portal and the prefix code that it gives, you have to approach a couple of things first. These are: 

  • Traffic Ticket: This is the genuine ticket given to you by the authority and is proof of your fine. It should be lawful and contain vital data. The data on the ticket will contain insights about the court ID and the sequential number of the ticket alongside the idea of infringement made.
  • License plate Number: This data is available on the driving permit under the vehicle data area.
  • Credit card: As NJMCDirect is an online payment gateway, you will require a credit card or debit card for the payment reason. You can utilize either a VISA or a MasterCard. 
  • NJMC Direct working hours: Despite the fact that it is an online mode, it has its work hours. You can make a payment between 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM from Monday to Thursday, between 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM on a Friday, between 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM on a Saturday, and from 1 PM to 11:45 PM on Sundays. 
  • A gadget like a smartphone or PC with a legitimate web connection. 
  • A gadget like a smartphone or PC with a legitimate web connection. 
The procedure of payment through NJMCDirect gateway 

There are a couple of steps that you need to pursue to make the transaction utilizing the gateway. 

  • Open your favored browser on your gadget. 
  • Open the connection of the site www.NJMCDirect.com. 
  • You will discover two alternatives on the site “time payment order” and “traffic ticket search”. 
  • Choose the favored alternative and enter the necessary information, for example, the court ID, ticket number, prefix code, and some other details it inquires about.
  • Click on proceed and pursue the showed advances. 
  • You will be given two decisions here, to pay for the ticket or to just view the ticket. if you pick the alternative to see view the ticket, you won’t be permitted to make the payment yet on the off chance that you decide to pay, you will be diverted to the transaction page. 
  • Enter the card details and proceed with the payment. 

Contact information for NJMCDirect 

  • You can get in touch with them on 973 284 4945 
  • You can fax them to 973 284 4914 
  • You can visit them at the NJMC open well-being building. 
  • The office is working between 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. 
Advantages of the entry 
  • Fast: It decreases the measure of time required to pay the fine or the ticket definitely as you don’t need to go to the court and hold up in line. Being on the web is a bit of leeway as it decreases the time. 
  • Secure: The gateway is verified by the administration rules and conventions which implies it will be exceptionally secure. All the exchange details and the client data are kept classified and encoded to ensure the information. 
  • Convenient: As it is an online payment portal, you can sit at your home and make the transaction effortlessly. Despite the fact that you may need to pay an additional charge going between $1 to $4, it is a decent exchange for remaining in lines and hanging tight for your turn. 

Expectation this data is valuable for you and you will have the option to spare time utilizing it.

NJMC Direct Pay- what will you need?

Before you use the NJMC Direct pay, you need to know a few things about the portal and the codes used. The below-mentioned tasks act as prerequisites for using the prefix code for NJ tickets using the NJMC Direct pay portal. The things you need for making a payment for the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission using the NJMC Direct are mentioned below. 

  • Traffic ticket: Proof of your violation is compulsory, I.e. a valid ticket which should be legal. This ticket is issued to you by the legal officers when you break a law and make a violation of the law. The ticket issued to you will have the court ID number and the ticket number of your fine printed on it along with the nature of the violation. If you misplace the ticket, you will not be able to go ahead with the payment. 
  • License plate number: The driving license will have the license plate number and that is a mandatory requirement. You can also find it under the vehicle information section. 
  • Credit Card: This will be required as NJMC Direct is an online payment portal. You can use a Mastercard or VISA in the form of a debit or a credit card. 
  • NJMC Direct hours of operations: Even though this is an online payment portal the website has its own working hours between which the payment can be made online. Even though it is a website, the payment portal will not be accessible 24 hours a day. The working hours for NJMC Direct are.
  • 7:30 AM – 11:45 PM from Monday to Thursday.
  • 7:30 AM – 10:45 PM on Friday 
  • 7:30 AM – 3:45 PM on Saturdays and 1 PM to 11:45 PM on Sundays.
  • Electronic Devices: To be able to access the payment portal you need to have a device with a valid and working internet connection.

To avoid extra costs and pay the fees on time, make a note of the working hours.

NJMC Direct Payment – The way to Access the Websites?

access NJMC

Once you have all the prerequisites ready, you need to access the website for the portal. It is an easy process and the steps for the same are mentioned below:

  • Open your preferred browser. 
  • Visit the website, I.e. www.NJMCDirect.com
  • Look for the tab marked as “ Traffic Ticket Search” or “Time Payment Order” and click on it.
  • Once the page loads up, Enter all the details like the ticket number, violation, and others. Click on continue. 
  • You’ll be given two options, two view your ticket and process your payment.
  • Choose what you want to go ahead with.
  • The viewing option will only show you the ticket while the other one will allow you to pay.
  • Make the payment using your Mastercard or VISA credit or debit card.

The portal also saves your transaction details for a period of 90 days which can be checked through the NJMC Direct portal. For any other information and payment-related queries, you can contact the customer support team.

NJMC Direct payment portal benefits?

  • Fast: When compared to the manual payment method it is a faster method as it takes only a couple of minutes to enter all the details and process your payment.
  • Secure: The portal keeps the data of the transaction and personal information secure without the threat of identity theft. The only people allowed to access the information are the employees of the New Jersey Court.
  • Convenient: It is very convenient for the customers as you don’t have to go to court anymore and can just pay the fine online.  Though there is an extra charge of $1 to $4, it is a good trade-off between having to stand in a queue and waiting for your turn. 

Hope this information helps you save time and if you have any other doubts, feel free to drop a comment and we shall respond. 

NJMCDirect Customer Service Details

Having trouble paying off the traffic ticket bill? Need to find time to visit the Court and pay the ticket? Not anymore. Pay off your traffic parking ticket on the go from any device without having to visit the court in person. The NJMCDirect portal allows you to pay off all the parking tickets and Traffic tickets without having to worry about the court opening timings and the like. You need to input the traffic ticket number along with its prefix code. This will be followed by you mentioning the reason for which you have got the parking ticket and hence then you will be directed to the payment page where you can make use of internet banking or your credit or debit card to make the payment at ease.

NJMCDirect Customer Service

In case you face some issues with the payment there is absolutely no need to worry, you can contact the customer service desk and get all your queries solved. The customer service details where you can ask your queries regarding the payment of your traffic ticket are as below:

  • Phone: 9732844945
  • Fax: 9732844914
  • NJMCDirect office address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2ND Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. (not the same as the NJMCDirect portal working hours).

Pay off your Traffic tickets and bills at ease on the go and in case you have any issues contact the Customer Service desk or visit them for further queries. 

How to reset/forget NJMC Direct login password

Nowadays Traffic violation is a usual thing, accidentally or non-accidentally everyone gets into the trap of traffic violation at least once. If a common man violates the rule he will have to pay the fine, if it is about the traffic rules now that we have CCTV cameras in every corner of cities where the police can catch the traffic violator easily, and pay the fine he will have to go to court.  NJMCDirect brings you the solution for this problem, now u can pay your traffic fine online, where you can save your time easily.  NJMCDirect is an online payment app and this app will give you an NJ ticket prefix code by using this code customers don’t have to pay any of the NJ ticket fines. Long Queues are normal in courts especially to pay NJ ticket fines, who wants to stand in a long queue, instead of visiting the NJMCDirect site you can pay your fine easily, Isn’t it great?  NJMCDirect is an online payment portal where you can pay your fines. www.NJMCDirect.com is the official website for this payment portal. This app provides you NJ ticket prefix code which will help you to pay the ticket fines. The good thing about NJMCDirect is that you can access this app from anywhere and this will save you time easily. Compared to the payment you have to do the usual way where you will be waiting in the court in a long queue this will help you to save your time within minutes.   With the help of this app, No one has to go and find the court this is an easy option for common people. NJMCDirect is a helpful app for those people who don’t like long queues. Whoever wants to know further details about this app we are giving you all details briefly here. 

Things you need to make the payment

To pay your fine through NJMCDirect you require a few things. To use the NJ ticket prefix code you need to be prepared. We are giving customers some details which are required to pay at New Jersey Meadowlands commission. 

  1. Traffic ticket: whenever a traffic violation has been done the violator will get a traffic ticket from the police. It’s really important that you will have to keep the parking ticket or traffic ticket all the time without losing the ticket. This ticket is the proof and it should be used legally. Whenever a traffic violation happens the police will give you the ticket and it will carry the court id and ticket number. And whichever type of traffic violation has been done will also be mentioned in this ticket.  So without the help of this ticket, you cannot complete the process of paying online. Keep the ticket safely with you until the payment is done.
  2. License plate number: A license plate number is also an important element by the time you pay your online bill. And license plate number will be shown in your license book as well as your vehicle.
  3. Credit card number: As you will pay your bill online credit card or debit card information is required. You will be paying your bill through www.NJMCDirect.com and it should be done with your card because it’s an online payment process.  You can use your master card or visa card also during this process. 
  4. NJMCDirect active hours

NJMCDirect is an online portal as you are aware; through this portal, you can pay your traffic fine easily without any trouble especially the trouble of standing in a queue in a court. But still, this portal has its own time limits as well as working hour limits. It’s not a 24 hours working application like the other working applications. From Monday to Thursday you can use this app from 7 30 am to 11 45 pm. On Fridays, you can use this app from 7 30 am to 10 45 pm. Saturdays the payment will be available from 7 30 am to 3 45 pm. On Sundays, the working hours are from 1 pm to 11 45 pm.

  1. You must need a mobile device pc or laptop with a proper internet connection in order to pay your payment online without any trouble. 

Make sure that you paid your fine before the date given to you also make sure that you have paid the correct amount. With that, you should see the working hour which is provided by the NJMCDirect app also so you won’t miss the time. You prepared all the given things the next step is to access the site, to access the site is very easy. 

Steps to access the NJMCDirect site:

  1. First of all, you will have to open the browser 
  2. You will have to find the www.NJMCDirect.com official website and visit the website.
  3. You can find an option called traffic ticket search or time payment order.
  4. Click on that option, and you can start your payment.
  5. After that, you will have to type your court id and ticket prefix, ticket number, and license plate number whatever it’s required to be written.
  6. After that click on the continue button.
  7. By clicking the continue button you will reach two options: 
  • View NJMCDirect ticket 
  • Process NJMCDircect ticket payment.
  1. After that, you will get options, according to your needs you can choose your options. 
  2. The first option will be shown about the ticket and the second option will be about starting the payment process.
  3. After all, you need to pay the fine using your credit card or debit card ( master or visa card ).

To check the details about the transaction you can go to NJMCDirect. This portal will give you details about your transaction for 90 days. If you can’t find any information about your payment or you are having any trouble during the payment you can contact the customer care team.

NIMCDirect payment portal benefits

  1. Fast: This online payment portal provides you with faster solutions. It’s way faster than the usual way you do through court 
  2. Secure:  All your details are secure and confidential with us.  Nobody can access your personal details as the New Jersey court gives you the best security options 
  3. Convenient: This app provides you with a convenient service through the best payment method. Especially you don’t have to visit the NJM court.

NJMCDirect customer service contact details

Many of us have seen or even been fined for violating traffic rules. Paying for traffic violations might be quite a task. If everything follows the steps right you must visit the court to pay the bill, however now there is a better way to get it paid via www.NJMCDirect.com online without any hassle at all. NJMCDirect.com is one of the few portals that will allow you to pay your bills online within minutes. What this portal does is, it provided you with an NJ Ticket Prefix Code, and using the code you can free yourself from all the fines you have due to accidentally the traffic rules at any point in time, you can skip the long queues once and for all.

Www.NJMCDirect.com is the official website for NJMCDirect and by making the best use of this website you can easily save a lot of time by not having the visit the court to pay your fine and it only takes you a couple of minutes to pay off your fines online. You can easily get access to the portal from anywhere and anytime and it would take only a few minutes to get you directed to pay off your fine. As these days online payments are a preferred mode of the transaction by one and all, this payment method is popular among all. Furthermore, the transactions you make through this portal are pretty direct and secure. Even better, you do not need to find the route to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission office and wait for its opening hours to visit and pay off your fine; you can make the payment from anywhere, anytime, even from your mobile phone, if you have internet access in it.

What do you need for the NJMCDirect Pay?

To make the traffic violation payment simpler for you, you need a few things. They are:

  • Traffic Ticket: The traffic ticket is the most important thing that will allow you to make your payment easily and quickly. It is the thing that you would require as proof. Make sure the ticket is legal only then you will be allowed to pay it off from the NJMCDirect portal. To check if it is legal, look out for the Court ID and a Ticket Number. Furthermore, the type of violation that you have done will be mentioned on the ticket. The payment process will not be completed if you do not have the ticket with the details.
  • License Plate Number: The license plate number is very important for making the traffic violation payment via the NJMCDirect portal. This vehicle information is very important in such scenarios.
  • Credit Card: The payment portal can make use of credit or debit cards as the payment is online. The payment can be paid using both MasterCard as well as Visa.
  • NJMCDirect open hours: Even though the mode of payment is easy for the NJ tickets however there is a challenge, you need to know the working hours of the online portal. Some hours that you need to remember are the NJMCDirect works from Monday through Thursday from 7.30 A.M. to 11.45 P.M. On Friday the service is available from 7.30 A.M. to 10.45 P.M. On Saturday the payment can be done from 7.30 A.M to 3.45 P.M and on Sunday the payment can be completed between 1 P.M. and 11.45 P.M.
  • A device to make the payments from A device will run important is very important to be able to make the payment complete in no time.

Benefits of NJMCDirect Payment Portal

  • It is a secure payment portal where your account information and all your other personal details are kept confidential. The security is from the New Jersey Court.
  • It is swift. You do not need to wait for long hours to be able to make your payment. All you need is to get to the NJMCDirect page and get directed to the payment page to complete it in no time.
  • The NJMCDirect portal is convenient. It is important to understand the value of time for a person. You can skip the long queues and the tedious visits to the court just by paying a few extra bucks. All you need to do is make a payment of $1 to $4 and you are sorted for the payment in no time. Even with the extra payment, we would say it is pretty convenient, cheap, and affordable for one and all.

If there are any doubts or any specific concerns that you may have regarding this awesome payment portal for your traffic violation tickets then you could ask us, or write to us at any time, by commenting.